Butch Whitaker

Butch Whitaker is the head instructor at Oregon Farrier School. He is an AFA Certified Farrier who runs a thriving farrier business located in the Willamette Valley region of Oregon. With close attention to detail, He brings a refining quality to students in technique.  

Butch is driven to see Oregon Farrier school students excel both in the program and after the program. He loves to go above and beyond for his students, no matter what they need he is there for every student. Students are inspired with Butch’s positive attitude and enthusiasm while believing that no job in the farriery is too large.

Butch learned the trade from his brother Beau. After learning the trade from his brother Butch became passionate about the trade. He loves the freedom that being a farrier allows, setting your own schedule, and building amazing relationships with his clients are just some of the things butch loves about being farrier. He hopes to instill this passion in his students and fellow instructors.