Professional Farrier Program

This 10-week program is for those who want to find work in the farrier industry or start a farrier business. After completing this program students will leave with the education necessary to start and successfully run a farrier service business. With cutting edge methods taught, students have the advantage of an easy learning environment along with efficient and simple instruction. Graded assignments include: written exams, forging projects, and practical exams. Students will not only learn to properly shape and fit pre-manufactured shoes but will also forge and apply hand made shoes to horses. Upon graduation and completion of set standards students will be awarded with the Professional Farrier Certification from OFS. The final in this program is similar to the AFA Farrier Classification Exam. Graduates will have preparation necessary to take and complete the AFA Farrier Classification Exam. This program is also for those who want a larger knowledge base for trimming/shoeing their own horses.