Advanced Farrier Program

This 20-week program is for those who want to obtain advanced farrier skills, knowledge, and experience. This program goes 10 weeks beyond its prerequisite, the Professional Farrier Program, to make a total of 20 weeks. Students who enroll in the Advanced Farrier Program will dig deeper into farrier science to prepare themselves with a larger arsenal of skill and confidence to face what will come in the practice of being a professional farrier. Not only will the students in this program gain 10 more weeks of valuable experience under horses, but will also study in greater detail lameness and event or discipline shoeing. Students will gain experience in the lameness section by engaging in both therapeutic and corrective exercises on horses. The event and discipline section will cover a wide variety of shoeing on horses that compete or perform. Graded assignments include written exams, advanced forging projects, and practical exams. Upon graduation and completion of set standards of the Advanced Farrier Program, students will receive a certificate of completion. A student who obtains this certificate plus successfully complete the Internship Program will be awarded the Advanced Farrier Certification from OFS. The final in this program is similar to the AFA Certified Farrier Exam. Graduates will have preparation necessary to take and complete the AFA Certified Farrier Exam. Graduates will also have most of the preparation to take pass the written aspect of the AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier Exam.