Tool List

Here is a list of tools that you will be using for the Professional Program (10 weeks).
Please purchase them before the first day of class.

Students may rent tools from OFS for the duration of the program for a fee of $350.00. If lost, the cost of replacement will be the price of a new tool.

Nippers (1)
Pull-Offs (1)
Driving Hammer (1)
Crease Nail Pullers (1)
Nail Clinchers (1)
Clinch Block (1)
Nail Nippers (1)
Knife Sharpener (1)
Rounding Hammer, 2 lb (1)
Rasp Handles (2)
Shoeing Chaps (1)
Hoof Evener (1)
Hoof Gauge (1)
Course Rasp (1)
Finish Rasp (1)

Fire Tongs, 3/8 (1)
Fire Tongs, 5/1 6 (1)
Shoe Creaser (1)
City Head Fore Punch (1)
Tool Box (5 gal. Bucket is OK)
Clinch Cutter (1)
Pritchel (1)
Safety Glasses(l, non-shaded)
Forging wire brush(l)
Hoof Knives (2)
Farrier’s Ruler(l)
Hammer Clinch Gouge(l)
Center Punch(l)
Hoof Stand (1)

Tools will be provided for use for those in the Practical Program (2 weeks)

The price range for all the tools is $1,000 to $2,300, depending on the brands you choose.

Brands: G.E (best); St. Croix (good); Diamond (OK).

We encourage you to consider a few superior products: custom fitted chaps through
our chaps supplier, and select, hand crafted shoe creaser, pritchel, and bob punch.
Please contact us if you’re interested in these.

Recommended Farrier Supplies Stores: