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Oregon Farrier School began in 2006 with the mission of producing quality farriers who will not only thrive in the trade but also be a blessing to the horse profession. Whether you want to be an everyday service provider farrier, a show horse farrier, or a competitive farrier/blacksmith, our programs are a great place to begin.
We teach and follow the standards and concepts held by the American Farrier’s Association. Students are trained and encouraged to go on and complete the lower and upper-level certifications that the AFA offers. At Oregon Farrier School we strive for each horse to function at their maximum potential in performance, soundness, and everyday life. We believe that in doing so horse owners will enjoy long, useful lives from their equine animals.

Practical Farrier Program

2 week class

This program is designed for those who want a better understanding of the shoeing and trimming process.

Professional Farrier Program

10 week class

This program is for those who want to find work in the farrier industry or start a farrier business. 

Internship Farrier Program

15 Week Class

This program is for those who want to gain additional experience after completion of the Professional Farrier Program.


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Established for Over 15 Years


Over 1000 Graduates


Located in the beautiful Willamette Valley


World Class Educators

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